Diary Of A Peculiar Soul: August 2005

Sunday, August 28, 2005

At Last

Ok so I've been a tad bit neglectful...

There are so many things going on in my life right now that I don't even know where to begin. So I've decided to be selfish and only divulge a lil bit. I figure the rest will come out over time...

One of the biggest events to take place is that I have packed up and moved my wares to some nicer (but considerably smaller) digs on the NorthWest side of the city. I LOVE IT! Moving is such a traumatic experience for me... I don't know how those nomadic spirits make it work for them. I have been here a little under a month but the entire moving process took about two months... And barring any natural disaster I won't have to do it for another 11 or more... LOL

I moved from a very spacious crappy two bedroom apartment that turned out to be a great "first" apartment for someone just coming out of college and not making a whole lot of money. Well unfortunately for me, working in Social Services, I'm still not making a whole lot of money but I've moved to a not-so-spacious beautiful studio that is another great "first" apartment for someone not making a whole lot of money and planning to go to graduate school next fall (more on that in another post).

Never thought that I would be able to make a studio work until I ran across this apartment early this summer. A friend of mine pointed me in this direction and wiggled me in at the last minute. The place has a full sized eat in kitchen (something that isn't common to studios in my area) and a little cubbly-like area where the closet and bathroom are. There was just enough space there for me to put both of my chests of drawers there. I was excited about that little detail because it meant that I didn't have to have those tall dressers in my "main" living area.

CurrentlyI have the main living area set up as much as I can considering the amount of space I'm working with. I have a futon that is so low to the floor that I know that I'm going to invest in a better one in the near future. I can't imagine me (or anyone else for that matter) sleeping on this thing comfortably night after night. But I have a love seat, tv, coffee and end table, the reqisite television, desk, PC of course, three book shelves, and my beautiful, animated, Betta fish named Murphy all in that one area. Much to my surprise you can still see the floor... LOL Oh BTW... my floors are this beautiful caramel colored hardwood!

Well that's all for now... We hosted an event last night in Philly and I didn't get in until 5:30 this morning... A sista is a lil tired! I will update you more in my next entry.

I've missed you guys and plan to check your pages slowly but surely.

Stop skippin your remedial class. It’s the finals you gonna need it to pass. Keep my name out ‘cha mouth and your mind on ya task. If you feel that I’m talking about you in these bars, Pick up ya feelins’ grab ya kicks and walk that shyt off… ~ Mos Def

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