Diary Of A Peculiar Soul: A Note To Black Conservatives

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Note To Black Conservatives

This is from a black blogger to conservative black bloggers.


Dear Black Conservatives,
I would laugh at you, if thousands of dead didn't litter the streets of New Orleans.
Have you read what your conservative allies have written? How they regard black people?
To all you black ministers doing "outreach" with Bush: as Dr. Phil says, "how's that working for you?"

Seen enough dead black corpses yet to get the point? George Bush is incompetent. He kills Americans with his slovenly ways. Sure, he talks big, but underneath is a tiny man, a man who cannot see beyond his nose.

Sure, he talks about being a God-fearing man, but when it comes to Jesus's good works, he could care less. He did nothing to allivate their suffering.

How can you face your congregations now? How can you look them in the face, after your betrayal of them is in such stark relief. The man you thought would help you has done nothing but let people suffer and die. How will you explain that to your parishoners? Getting government funding is more important to me than my soul?

To the lackies like Deroy Murdoch and LaShawn Barber: your God, George Bush, has failed you. Have you seen what they think about you, Powerline, Instapundit, Ben Stein, they all think those black people deserve to be dead. The people you suck up to, the people you rely on for praise and support , they hold black people in contempt, in disdain. In short, they are now saying what they have always thought, always believed as they smiled in your face. Deroy, how can you stand to fetch Jonah's coffee, when he suggested the women and children in the Astrodome grow gills. Doesn't it make you ashamed, as you shine his shoes and fetch his laundry, to work with such a man.

LaShawn, after all your praising of Bush as a good Christian, is this what your Bible says: let the meek drown beacause it isn't my fault. I am not responsible. Is that how Jesus would act. How can you look in the mirror, knowing you defended these people, people who mock the suffering of your people.

Armstrong Williams, you knew your conservative friends would abandon you at the drop of a hat, now they abandon an entire city of black people to drown and starve. They blame them for their opwn fate, even laugh at them, insult their intelligence. How does that make you feel? How can you look at yourself and realize you have not only defended, but promoted these people and their agenda, and when your people were in trouble, would rather toss insults than offer help. Doesn't it prove the bankruptcy of your life so far, the waste it is?

John McWhorter, can you look at the faces of the dead and dying, the suffering of the victims and justify your subservience to whites? Do you now get the reasons for black anger, human anger. It may make you uncomfortable, but do the dead make you any more comfortable? How can you serve the people who would mock the fate of your breathern.

Black conservatives must face the reality that they have been lackies to some of America's bitterest racists, people who would mock the suffering of children because they were the wrong color. Doesn't that trouble your sleep?

Black conservatives have betrayed the community and must now come to account for their treason. How can they face themselves, much less the community. They have been the allies of racists and those who hold even black children in contempt.

The dead and suffering of New Orleans demand no less.

Stop skippin your remedial class. It’s the finals you gonna need it to pass. Keep my name out ‘cha mouth and your mind on ya task. If you feel that I’m talking about you in these bars, Pick up ya feelins’ grab ya kicks and walk that shyt off… ~ Mos Def

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