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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Post B-Day Bloggin...

Good Wednesday Mornin' Folks...

Hump Day and all that good stuff!

I had a blast yesterday... Ate so much food it was ridiculous!

I got some housekeeping out of the way early in the morning... Had to get some bloodwork done at the doc... Even popped in on my Twin for a little while. The children she works with are off the chain... a bunc of little people with all types of personalities! I don't know how she finds the strength to goto work everyday... and for 14 years at that. We all got gifts... and ONE of hers has always been being able to handle difficult situation... That one definitely qualifies!

After that I met a friend for lunch at Dolce this fantatic, Italian inspired spot on 3rd & Chestnut. I had chicken marsala... who doesn't love chicken smotherd with fresh vegetables and gravy... LOL (I ain't a big gurl for nothing) I even got flowers... A beautiful bouqet that included my favorite flower (Stargazer Lilies... just in case you plan on sending me some... LOL).

Now I was beyond stuffed! And I still had dinner plans with my oldest set of friends on this planet. So I decided to walk a little bit to knock the spirit of sleep off of my back! It was a BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL day! If you know me you should also know that I have only had three birthdays in all my life that it hasn't rained.... Yesterday was one of them.... I decided to walk up to this yarn goods shop calledLoop (they don't have a website yet but you know I will keep u up to speed when I find out). They are located on 19th & South. So you know I had a nice little hike from 3rd & Chestnut. Got to the shop and it was the cutest little store. The had all the yarns grouped by type then color. The people that work there were actually knitting & crocheting little projects. They have a section of books with tips, project ideas, and even starter kits for beginners like me. I have been trying to cast on since December and have not been able to do it. Well if you know anything about knitting you know that casting on is kind of essential to the whole knitting concept! If you can't get the yarn on the needle properly... You won't be knitting! I am here to say that I was absolutely giddy last night when I got home and decided to pick up my yarn and needles again. My Twin is a witness yall... I totally was able to cast on 18 stitches AND complete another two rows! I was so excited! So as long as I keep at it I should be able to create some beautiful (at least in my eyes... LOL) pieces!

After my adventure at Loop I made my way to my dinner party. I had a blast! Didn't think I could eat another bite... That was until I saw the Strawberry Shortcake! It was fantastic! Add to the mix two of the cutest 6 & 7 y/o girls and you have the makings of another faboo evening.

Got home last night and pretty much crashed (after being able to cast on... I was spent! LOL!

Stop skippin your remedial class. It’s the finals you gonna need it to pass. Keep my name out ‘cha mouth and your mind on ya task. If you feel that I’m talking about you in these bars, Pick up ya feelins’ grab ya kicks and walk that shyt off… ~ Mos Def

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