Diary Of A Peculiar Soul: Frickin' Freezin'

Friday, January 26, 2007

Frickin' Freezin'

[26 Jan 2007|12:52pm]
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Yeah it's cold yall... 2 below with the wind chill to be exact.

Prince Charles & Camilla are visiting the city today to get a taste of our Arts & Culture scene... Philadelphia has one of the most amazing Mural Arts Programs in the country and the Royal's will be checking out a few of them in our Mantua section of the city. Of all the places in the city to visit Mantua wouldn't be one of my first choices... but they do have some beautiful murals in that area.

The play was HILARIOUS! It was basically a comedy/musical about a bunch of geeks and how the members ended up being the creative minds behind all of the major computer companies (Oracle, Linux, Microsoft, and Apple to name just a few). The play really ends up being about the rise, fall, rise of both Apple and Microsoft.

I never thought that it would be as funny as it was! I got the good belly laugh that I so needed! This theatre company was superb! Their timing was amazing. There was this one scene where Bill Gates was trying to woo the woman that represented Netscape into merging with Microsoft. She was playing along and when she had him right where she wanted him she pulled his pants down as a last "thumb in your eye" tactic. Well she used so much force when she pulled them down that she pulled down his shorts and all... LOL For a split second I was wondering if that was part of the show... seeing this big, floppy... well you know what I'm getting at... LOL. The look on his face let us all know that it was not part of the act... LOL His eyes got really big and he promptly pulled up ALL of his clothes and did a little jig... He stammered a bit with his next few lines but he found his stride and the show went on flawlessly. I bet he wears a ONESIE for the remainder of the shows run... LOL

I think I'm going to see it again before it leaves Philly.

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